Introducing your 2023 Monzo Business team

Hi everyone,

Candice here, Monzo Business Product Marketer :wave:

We know you love to share your feedback and suggestions, and we love to hear them!
The team at Monzo Business has been growing quickly (thanks to you, our incredible customers :pray:), so we thought it would be useful to introduce you to the team who are working on bringing your feedback to life behind the scenes.

With that in mind, let me introduce you to some of the 2023 Business Banking team :drum:


Jordan Shwide
General Manager

I have the privilege of serving as the General Manager of Business Banking. Being the GM means that I get to do a little bit of everything - from product to operations, risk to finance, and everything in between. My primary focus is to make sure that we’re delivering value to our customers (you!), operating safely and efficiently, and constantly preparing for the next phase of our journey.

Product Marketing

Kushal Babla
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Candice Hardman
Product Marketing Manager

The Monzo Product Marketing team are responsible for launching new products, and for incepting the voice of our customers :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: into our product roadmap, and the future roadmap strategy. We love hearing feedback from customers, especially our community members.

You will hear from us often; giving you a heads up about new products, providing updates on what the team are working on, and asking for your input. We welcome and very much appreciate your thoughts :pray:


Maja Bayyoud
Writer (AKA The Voice of Monzo Business)

Hello! I’m part of Monzo’s small but mighty Writing Team. And if it’s words about business banking, I’m probably all over it. Starting a new business is hard enough, and the last thing you need is to decipher acronyms and jargon in your bank account. So whether it’s Ts&Cs or setting up a Tax Pot, I try to keep the words simple so they don’t get in your way.

Product Management

Christine Tsai
Product Manager

Matt Jones
Product Manager

Nick Fleming
Senior Product Manager

The role of a Product Manager at Monzo is varied, and can often involve us ‘wearing multiple hats’. Our main responsibility is to identify the needs of our customers (that’s you!), and ensure we do that in a way which also meets the needs of Monzo’s objectives. We articulate what success looks like for you and for Monzo, and we lead our super talented teams to turn our vision into a reality!


Amee Desai
Senior Strategy Manager


Leo Moreau
Operations Partner

Sarah Simpson
Operations Partner

We want our business customers to have effortless experiences and our Operations team works on improving the ways we can support you. Whether it be when opening your account, learning more about that new feature we just launched or helping you when things don’t quite look right. We work with our customer support and product teams by sharing your feedback, fixing pain points and putting our customers at the heart of the changes we make.

User Research

Caroline Wilcock
User Researcher

To make Monzo Business the best it can be, we have to first understand the needs and problems of businesses. The User Research team enables our teams to learn about the financial worlds of businesses, so we can create better products and experiences. We run research through a bunch of different ways, including interviews, surveys, visiting businesses in-person, observing how people manage their finances or trialling test features. We run research projects all the time, and would love to have you involved!


Loz Williams
Product Designer

Carl Worricker
Product Designer

The Product Designers are passionate about making Monzo work well for you; the businesses using Monzo! We make sure that the app looks beautiful and feels easy to use so that you can spend more time building your business and less time on financial admin.


Issy Matthews
Data Science Manager

We are your friendly neighbourhood data science team, working tirelessly with our other teams to sprinkle some data-driven magic into your banking experience :sparkles:. We are passionate about transforming numbers into meaningful insights to help our product teams create tailor-made banking solutions just for you :bar_chart:. As a key ingredient in Monzo’s innovation kitchen, we ensure your voice is heard, considered, and woven into our ongoing strategies :speaking_head:.

Expect to see us popping up from time to time, sharing exciting insights, seeking your invaluable input, and celebrating your success stories :rocket::tada:


Tong Qiu
Engineering Manager

Charles Burr
iOS Engineer

Kate Mokšina
Android Engineer

Crispin Merriman
Senior Web Engineer

Toby Scadding
Backend Engineer

The engineering team build the Monzo app that you know and love. We work closely with all the other teams to understand not only how to build the most useful features for you, but to make sure they run smoothly, quickly and bug free. We have different specialisms within engineering too! We have Android and iOS engineers who build the mobile apps you’re probably most familiar with, but we also have backend engineers who build the services and APIs that power these apps. We also have web engineers who build the Business Banking web app, as well as a whole host of internal tools to help our operations team help you. In these functions, we use different programming languages, but we work really closely together to make sure the end customer experience is as slick and safe as possible.

There are many more, but hopefully this gives you a flavour of the team working in the background on Monzo Business.

Thank you for your continued engagement with the Community :pray:, and for helping us on our mission to make money work for everyone. As a little thank you, the first 75 business community members who read this post and fill out this form will receive a Monzo Business notepad and pen :trophy: (yes this is only for Monzo Business customers).

We’re heading to the BBAs tonight, fingers crossed we’ll have something to celebrate! :crossed_fingers:

More to come soon!
Candice :wave:


Hey folks! Kush here. You might have seen the odd post from me already most recently about inbound euros!

Firstly thank you all for being so great in engaging with Monzo and sharing all your wonderful feedback and suggestions.

Secondly, if there’s things you see from a marketing perspective that could be better or you think we could do more of/differently- we’d love to hear it.

and finally, fingers crossed for the awards tonight :crossed_fingers:


Hey both, its great to get to know the team in some form - even though I’m not a Business customer myself I’m looking forward to seeing it grow, good luck for tonight!! :crossed_fingers:


Even more Monzonauts on the Community - love it!

Looking forward to seeing what the team have to show off :eyes:


Hey folks! I’m Charles, an iOS engineer who is working on the core experience for Monzo Business.

I would like to echo what Kush said, thank you so much for engaging with us and helping Monzo build a better product. We love hearing your ideas for how we could improve the business banking experience in the app - so please keep them coming! :raised_hands:


Hey all, your friendly neighbourhood Android engineer here :wave:
I am also working on core experiences in Business Banking! Thank you for being part of this community :heart_decoration:


Hey team :wave:

Wonderful to see all the faces behind the app!

Big fan of Monzo and all the innovations you guys bring.

Fairly new to the community and super keen to help out / contribute anyway I can.

Good luck tonight🤞

P.S. Monzo notepad and pen, nice touch :star_struck:


with great reluctance, I switched from monzo business to mettle/freeagent last month. I suggest you copy what they’ve done (& then better it) and you can’t go far wrong. the almost instant interface is amazing. and I’m a big believer in the bank just doing the banking well, and leaving the bookkeeping to the accounts package. good luck!

Been wanting to use Monzo business banking for ages, but sadly you don’t support partnerships. Is that some kind of regulation reason?

Thank you for your feedback!

We might offer accounts to these business types in future but it’s not in our plans at the moment. That’s because we have to gather and store different information on these customers, and there are different rules around how these types of accounts need to be operated.

Sole traders and limited companies make up around 90% of UK businesses, so we’re focusing on supporting them at the moment.


Great to be introduced to the team working on Monzo Business. And thanks for breaking down the different disciplines involved.

As a suggested improvement, I found the Tax pot didn’t work very well for me as I would have liked to be able to set a more granular amount aside. I’ve since replaced it with a Savings pot - which is great - and I’ve returned to moving funds around manually. I’d love to see a way to pay scheduled payments from this pot so that I don’t have to keep a certain amount set aside in my (non-savings earning) main balance.


Thank you to every Community member who read this post and submitted their details for the Monzo Business notebook giveaway. The giveaway has now finished and the form will no longer be accessable :pray:


Thanks :star_struck: for the Monzo Business notepad,although my pen is missing. :speak_no_evil:

Looks beautiful. Is this gonna be the new business debit card colours? :eyes:


What post?!

Found it. That was pretty well hidden.

See :point_down:


@davidwalton hey David, I check out your teardowns as soon as they drop.

Amazing for that. I did see a blue business card image too.

Seeing if I could get another cheeky confirmation :wink: