How we changed our on call process 💻☎️

We’re continuing our deep dive into how our teams keep Monzo running :mag:

As we grow, we have to make sure we can support our systems in any circumstance.

We also have to support our teammates. We’ve spent a lot of time making sure we have a process that can scale as we get bigger, but also looks after our growing team of 150 + engineers so they don’t experience burn out, and can respond promptly to incidents when needed.

@lukebriscoe, our Senior Engineering Manager shares in this blog post some of the changes we’ve made to on-call over the last year to keep our both our teammates and our systems running in the best way possible.

Please take the time to welcome Luke to the Community and if you’ve got any questions about how this works, Luke has been incredibly kind and offered to answer what he can :pray:



2nd to last paragraph - don’t understand what the word ‘retros’ means?

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A ‘retro’ is one of these: What is a Sprint Retrospective?


Thanks @akm - knew about a Sprint but not about the review. Makes sense. R-

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The Sprint Review is a different event, out of interest.

The Retro is super important, if the teams don’t learn and take actions from it, they’ll likely not grow over time.

Cool that Monzo are doing these, and thanks for the info @AlanDoe !


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