Demystifying the Backend Engineering interview process ๐Ÿ” โš™

Another blog for those looking to join us at Monzo :rocket:

Today we have our Staff Engineer @suhailpatel bringing a little bit more clarity on how we interview for Backend Engineers.

We donโ€™t want you sitting at home stressing out over whatโ€™s going to happen with your application. So weโ€™ve shared a step by step description of what to expect when youโ€™re expecting to join Monzo :wink:

Suhail will jump in and pick up any questions that pop up on the back of this blog, so feel free to pick his brains :brain:


Are they in house or external recruiters?

We have internal recruiters to help us hire the best candidates. When doing the Recruiter Call, you will be speaking with folks who work at Monzo so you can ask all the nitty gritty.