How we do on-call at Monzo

In this blog post, @chrisevans shares how we tackle on-call and Monzo, making sure we give both our systems and engineers the support they need.


This is really good. Great to see how you guys do it… I might have to borrow a few ideas and feedback to my own team! :heart::monzo:


This is such a comprehensive post, I’m glad Monzo is stressing the importance of employees’ wellbeing while also ensuring customers needs are met.


Am loving the transparency on this. Looks like a very sensible and grown up approach

This is a really sensible way of doing things, especially around shadowing on-call.

I’m on-call at work, and it’s non-optional as part of the role (every engineer is on-call, basically), and we get a yearly allowance added to our salaries for it. We also get overtime for out of hours call-outs, but the argument around this is that we all own services independently as a squad; it helps with resentment between some people being called out frequently vs folks whose services are extremely stable and rarely call people out.

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Good stuff here Monzo. Can I work for you? :frowning:

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Wow! The Monzo on call pay rate is vastly better than what I get (although I only get one, maybe two events per week to deal with, so it’s bearable :wink: )

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On-call pay rates are vastly better than the ones I get as well, but what’s the frequency of Monzo call outs?

Interesting. Some nice approaches here.

With a flat payment for on call, do you have any issues with engineers answering the phone?

From what I’ve seen when we’ve raised outages as Cops- no. They’re are always super quick to get up to speed and sort what they can! :pray:

Do you have a backup on call? For when the actual on call is run over or has to rush to the hospital to see a relative…?

Great explanation. Personally I couldn’t do it, I need my sleep! Not sure the £500 a week would be enough to tempt me to take a role where that was a possibility