How we deploy to production over 100 times a day 💯

We’ve got quite a few blogs we need to catch up on!

We make lots of changes every single day. It helps us move fast. Rather than making fewer, bigger changes, we optimise our engineering workflow so that we can make lots and lots of smaller changes for even quicker delivery.

This blog post is from @willsewell, one of our talented backend engineers in Platform, in it he explains how our engineering culture, tooling, and architecture support this.

We’ve also been able to grab some time with Will for any questions you all might have on the back of this.


Hey, blog post author here :wave:

Happy to answer any questions about our deployment tooling, or really anything related to Monzo engineering :slightly_smiling_face:


Excellent blog!

Every month my team edge our decades old project ever slightly closer to the processes :monzo: managed five years ago - a lot of work and a tremendous achievement in and of itself - and here you go again off on another rocket ship! :rocket:

it’s a virtual cycle

Should that be virtuous instead of virtual?


Yes admittedly this stuff is a lot easier when you can start afresh! This is a continual problem. There are many best practices that have evolved over the past 6 years that we need to catch up to! E.g. continuous delivery.

Thanks for flagging the typo!


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