The way we manage engineers at Monzo

To keep moving quickly as a company, we need to be flexible enough to move engineers around, to the teams where they can make the most impact. But if we want to make sure engineers are given the right guidance and support to grow, they need to have lasting relationships with their managers.

@chrisbond explains how we organise teams to help us do both!


Sounds like a sound structure that’s working well for you.

How do you manage feature priorities? Which features should go to the teams and for how long?

WRT feature development do your team PO’s have budget authority to either extend or call it a day? Or do they have senior Product Managers making that call.

How do you agree mission and features for the next period?

Basically I’d be interested in how you do Product Dev within your structure

Thanks for sharing.


What’s the ratio of engineers to managers? Is it challenging to keep up with an engineer’s progress when they could be moving across completely different teams?