How to test monzo payments? Is there a test credit card/ account we could use?

I’m android developer. I need to test the payments done by monzo card in my app. I don’t want to create the personal account for testing. Is there a test card which developers could use or test/sandbox account where we can confirm payments during payment process?

Why just Monzo?

You can get test cards from VISA/Mastercard.

Hi, I do test visa/mastercard too but I have specifically production bug when user tried to pay with monzo app

I know they have test accounts, but they would not be publicly available ofc - I’m sure the admins use them for screenshots in page demo’s they post here

Do you mean they have problems with the 3D Secure step? That’s a not uncommon problem with some merchants, as described in 3D Secure merchant issues. The problem may well be to do with how a user must leave your app and enter the Monzo app to purchase, perhaps you’re losing important payment state information during the switch. A workaround would be to ask the customer to select the SMS option to receive their 3D Secure code, or, if your merchant system supports it, you could disable 3D Secure for Monzo cards (granted, a bad idea…).

We’ve always tested with real cards, nothing better than that!

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@42644 Yes, I think it’s very close to what the problem is. The scenario was that the user typed cards details and wanted to confirm the payment on the app on another phone. After this, instead of processing the payment, app back to previous screen, loosing the information about payment confirmation. My app then couldn’t proceed with the order.