How to set a rule to put money automatically to a certain pot if it comes from a specific payer!

Hi, I was wondering if this is possible. I basically need my Monzo to transfer a payment to a specific pot based on where this payment comes from. Is it possible?

Let’s say I get paid commission by amazon us or canada or uk (as I am an amazon affiliate). So I want this payment to go to Amazon Payments pot directly.

Thanks in advance.

cc: @admins

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @monzobot display help.

Oh no, don’t summon the monzobot!!!

Are you a Plus subscriber? This is possible to do if you have Plus.


It is?


Yep, there are two ways, you can specify sender names, but as we know these shift around all the time, so it’s better to categorise all incoming payments you want moved.

Assuming you go down the category route, you’d set up a new sheet in your Monzo Transactions export and run a query to return all values where a particular category is matched.

For example I’ve set up a custom category for my salary and use this to pull all results into a separate sheet:
=(QUERY(IMPORTRANGE("SPREADSHEET_URL","Monzo Transactions!A:P"),"SELECT * WHERE Col7='Salary'"))

Once you’ve done that bit head over to IFTTT - use the ‘new line added to spreadsheet’ trigger and have IFTTT move the money into a pot of your choosing.

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Yup. You’ll need some formula and IFTTT. @BritishLibrary worked it out the other day.

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Sorry @RichardL I removed the monzobot :slight_smile:

Omg guys thank you. I am not that techy when it comes to linking IFTT, excel and monzo but I will try. Is it safe to link 3rd party apps to monzo tho? :thinking:

Yes, but as with everything these services are only as safe as the people who are using them.

IFTTT and Google both have two factor authentication options so as long as you have those switched on you should be fine.

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Have a look at this comment I made elsewhere - it’s a good starting point to search for your Salary, or really any named Merchant

Depending on how your payments are made, you might need a couple of tweaks - i.e. is the sender name always consistent, or is there a consistent reference, time frame, etc, that you can reliably set an action on.

Like others say it needs Plus, IFTTT and Google Sheets.

Happy to help point in the right direction if you want :slight_smile:


Thanks a million @BritishLibrary I’ll check this tonight :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

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I’ll be looking into this as well.

However there is a rich set of ‘nice touch’ features appearing in IFTTT use cases that I sure hope someone in Monzo is looking at…

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