Can I specify a pot to a specific company?

As title says can I specify a pot to take funds from when making payments to specific company?

For example if I visit shop X or pay online retailer X the funds come from Pot X?


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Unfortunately you can’t do this at the moment.

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Thanks for the welcoming. :slight_smile:

Is this a feature currently on road map/todo list?

They once said It’s not an easy thing to get to work, that was some time ago, they’ve not said anything since so I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

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You can use IFTTT to achieve this just not within the Monzo app.


I use IFTTT to be able to do this, works a treat

The issue with this - as I understand it - is that card payments happen in essentially real time - we’re talking milliseconds. Adding logic to identify the merchant, then pull the balance in real time from a Pot as authorisation happens would slow down the process and potentially not be compliant and cause all sorts of other problems.

One way of solving this might be to let you choose a Pot as being the Pot that payments come from ahead of time - similar to the way you select a card beforehand in Curve. But depending on your frequency of spending this might end up untenable for people.

Either way - it’s not something that we’re looking into right now as far as I’m aware.

Even with that said, with the ease at which you can do this within IFTTT, right now it’s not really something you need to be focusing on.

The IFTTT version of this works exactly how OP describes (albeit moving money slightly after rather than immediately)

I’ve got a few different lists of vendors I run that way - it’s really good for fixed budget but repeated purchases.

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Thanks. Can you be more specific as I can’t locate this option in IFTTT


When you create a trigger, have Monzo as the trigger with “any transaction at a specific merchant”:

And when you create your action, move money into/out of a pot, pick the pot you want and you want to “add ingredient” and pick “amount in account currency”

What that should do is once a transaction goes through, it will move money out of the pot seconds after the first transaction.

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Thanks. Much appreciated. I’ve not delved into app yet only used the ready made scripts. Will give it a go and create my own.