How to send a private message to someone on these Monzo forums?

(Alex R) #1

Monzo uses the “Discourse” platform, which allows private messages, but I can’t see a way to send one form my account. Is that feature disabled on the Monzo forums? Or do I need more reputation to activate it?

(Andre Borie) #2

When you go on someone’s profile there should be a “message” button somewhere.

(Jai Sullivan) #3

You should see the button once you click on someones username? I think I’m right in saying if you have the ‘basic’ badge then you should be allowed to private message.

(Alex R) #4

I don’t have that button, nor do I have the basic badge. Is that awarded for any particular things or …?

(Jai Sullivan) #5

(Alex R) #6

Indeed I have read that description, but it doesn’t say what actual criteria is used to award it. “trust level 1” is just as ambiguous as “basic badge” :slight_smile:

(Jai Sullivan) #7

Fair point! Read and respond to a few threads, spend some time on the site and you should get the restrictions lifted.

(Alex R) #8

But I’m a good, kind person. Obviously anyone can see that. Why would the internet initially assume I’m not? It’s not like in life I ever had to prove myself to anyone (at every bloody step of the way). What has the world come to …

(Alex R) #9

There we go! Now I have the basic badge :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoo! I assume it’s to prevent spam and banned members remaking another account and continuing from where they left off.

(Richard Cook) #11

That’s right! The minimum level to create new personal messages is ‘1’.

It doesn’t take much to get from level 0 to 1, and this rule helps prevent abuse as @redshift mentioned.

Hope that helps!

(Jamie) #12

Can I also suggest that this is added to the welcome message from the Robot! I was very confused on how to message @Naji to say Hi, and when I went on his Profile couldn’t find out where to do it!