How to send a private message to someone on these Monzo forums?

Monzo uses the “Discourse” platform, which allows private messages, but I can’t see a way to send one form my account. Is that feature disabled on the Monzo forums? Or do I need more reputation to activate it?

When you go on someone’s profile there should be a “message” button somewhere.

You should see the button once you click on someones username? I think I’m right in saying if you have the ‘basic’ badge then you should be allowed to private message.


I don’t have that button, nor do I have the basic badge. Is that awarded for any particular things or …?

Indeed I have read that description, but it doesn’t say what actual criteria is used to award it. “trust level 1” is just as ambiguous as “basic badge” :slight_smile:

Fair point! Read and respond to a few threads, spend some time on the site and you should get the restrictions lifted.

But I’m a good, kind person. Obviously anyone can see that. Why would the internet initially assume I’m not? It’s not like in life I ever had to prove myself to anyone (at every bloody step of the way). What has the world come to …

There we go! Now I have the basic badge :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoo! I assume it’s to prevent spam and banned members remaking another account and continuing from where they left off.


That’s right! The minimum level to create new personal messages is ‘1’.

It doesn’t take much to get from level 0 to 1, and this rule helps prevent abuse as @redshift mentioned.

Hope that helps!


Can I also suggest that this is added to the welcome message from the Robot! I was very confused on how to message @Naji to say Hi, and when I went on his Profile couldn’t find out where to do it!

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