How to order new PIN

(winston_bogarde) #1

Hi my PIN was sent via SMS, however I have since deleted this and now have no copy of my original PIN. This means that I can’t change it at an ATM.

How can I order a PIN again?


(Rika Raybould) #2

Let support know via. in app chat. They can resolve this.

(winston_bogarde) #3

Good suggestion, will do

(Richard Bairwell) #4

I must admit I do like the ability with my MBNA account to login online and view my PIN: however, with the Mondo app being “quick to access”, this isn’t such a good idea on the app. Perhaps a combination of “Login online with your email address and then you can trigger the PIN to show in the app/Login online with your email address, request a PIN and confirmation comes up in the app before PIN is shown on the browser”…

(Rob) #5

Just as an aside, Curve have recently introduced the ability to view your PIN in-app. You do need your password/touch ID to authenticate for this particularly sensitive aspect, but it’s quite a neat feature.

(James Billingham) #6

Personally I think I’d prefer some kind of PIN reset feature rather than actually exposing the existing one.


  • are you standing next to an ATM? yes
  • please enter this new PIN (will disappear in 1 minute) and immediately change it to something else


2FA style numbers for your pin? I like that.

(Richard Bairwell) #8

Does anyone know if the PIN is actually stored on the card or at the bank? The bank issued the PIN and and give me a reminder (so indicates the bank knows), but then against I can use a card authenticator to login to my bank (offered by Barclarys/Nationwide and others) which is an offline device which can validate the PIN entered against my card…

(Rika Raybould) #9

All of the above.
The card has to know to work quickly (payment terminals for example) and offline, the bank has to know for ATMs and if a card has locked itself due to too many incorrect PIN attempts.

When the two get out of sync, huge trouble occurs. This is why ATMs should be used to change PINs, they can update both places at the same time.