How to open a bank account

Back to basics – here’s how to open a new bank account :point_down:


I know this is slightly off topic but have Monzo got a webpage that list the apps features? Sometimes it’s easier to show a webpage to someone rather than explain all the features.


Potential typo in the ‘How to open a bank account’ section. It currently says

“You don’t need to provide proof of address when you open a Monzo account because we verify your date or birth instead.”

Have you sorted out providing accounts for people who don’t have photo ID?

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… Any feedback?

Hi @aSystemOverload :wave: can you specify what type of alternative ID you are referring to?

Well my partner has a Birth Certificate, letters from the Department for Work & Pensions and NHS that confirm ID/Address etc.

Thanks for the heads up!

We’ll get that flagged with our marketing team :see_no_evil:

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