How to get out of the app redesign "control" group?

I posted on here probably a couple months ago as after having opted in to the app redesign within Monzo labs, however when the redesign rolled out to everybody, I was reverted back to the old design with no way to go back to the new design.

After checking with support, they said I was a member of a control group - obviously to monitor how the new app and old app are used differently. But I’ve still not been flipped back over to the new layout.

Does anyone know if I can just ask to be removed from this control group? I will ask support but if they have to ask the relevant team I guess it’ll be Monday before an answer

It never does any harm to ask. You never know, the answer might be in the affirmative. :+1:

My partner has also never been migrated over to the new layout but I was ages ago!