New Monzo UI reverted back to old version

Just yesterday my app reverted to the old layout with the Pulse Graph at the top. I had been using the new layout for ages (possibly through Monzo Labs) but now it’s the old version which looks soooo bad after getting used to the new layout for so long…

Anyone else? No option in Monzo Labs to change it, so I’m kinda stuck for now and I don’t like it…

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app

I saw someone else with this issue, by any chance did you used to have a Monzo business account?

Yeah it turns out this was the issue. I have now checked the “New layout for business account” button and it’s back to normal. Help chat sorted me out.

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Yep. Done that.

Didn’t fix it…

Just opened the Monzo app and I’m back to the old nav.

This is unwelcome.

Pulse refuses to die.

Someone else had that the other day as well. Could you try uninstall your app and reinstall and see if that resolves it?

Do you have a business account? If so you should be able to re-enable it in labs.

Hey Daniel

I had one but closed it some months ago.

It’s likely still the business account — I had the same thing this morning but could turn it back on in labs.

Thanks. It was never in labs for me so I didn’t think to check. I’ve re-enabled it and pulse has died.

Can I get the biz account flag removed?

Hi Tom

I’ve merged your thread with an existing one on the same topic

For future reference search is at the top of the forum :+1:

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Thanks Emma, and my apologies.

One day I’ll get to level 3 :crossed_fingers: