How to delete a payee

How do you delete a payee, they have changed banks so old info is no longer valid.

Payments button at the bottom > See payees (under the request money button) > Find and click the payee > Press edit (top right) > click the account > press delete

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I was looking for this myself, that ‘See Payee’s’ button really needs to stand out more

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I have no Edit button but do have the Search magnifying glass, from there I found the payee and was able to delete. I did find a big though, if the payee is a favourite it doesn’t remove it from favourites, the item in favourites becomes non-responsive.

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On Android:

From the Home screen → tap on ‘Payments’ → tap on ‘Payees’ (top-right) → Tap on the required payee from the ‘Favourites’, ‘Recent’, ‘All’ or ‘Monzo contacts’ sections → Tap on ‘Edit’ (top-right) → Tap on ‘Delete’ at the bottom

I should have said I am iOS.

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I did figure out the posts were regarding iOS, but decided to post the Android way anyway - just in case any curious Android users found the topic.

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