Delete Payee - How do I?

A quick search of the community implied that I swipe a payee to delete them. I couldn’t find a description of that functionality in the Help and swiping doesn’t work on my Android phone (v4.3.0, updated 8 Oct).

Do I need to be in a different part of the app to achieve this? I was looking at the payees list.

Is there a Help link that describes how to delete payees? I tried about 6 different help categories but couldn’t find anything and search for “delete payee” returned results which described anything but that function.

On iOS you tap on the payee, then tap on edit on the next screen and on the next screen there’s a delete button at the bottom


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Thank you! I didn’t even realise you could tap on the payee to edit details! The ones I have were autocreated on receipt of payments.

The Yoda style speak was because my phone was misbehaving and not letting me go to the beginning of the title and insert those words! I hate typing on smartphones, bring back buttons :wink:



You should be able to head to the payments tab, and then tap on payees find the payee you’d like to delete tap on them, then hit edit and the delete option should appear at the bottom of the screen.

Hope that helps!

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