How Often Landlord/Estate Agent Visits?

Just curious, as in my last place they never did.

Not an issue for me if they do visit, as i keep the place immaculate and a lot tidier than the last tenants :slight_smile:

In my experience, never.

Letting agents will usually schedule a visit every three months. Chance for them to check you’re not trashing the place but also an opportunity for you to point out any issues to them.

In my last place every 3 months for the first 18 month, then they never bothered again

In 20 years of renting I’ve never had a single visit


Was every 6 months the last time I rented but very much depends on the agent/landlord. It should be written in your agreement.

Check your contact. They should always give you reasonable notice, unless there’s an obvious reason for urgency (like a serious maintenance issue)


One visit in 9 years. It was late last year actually.

I think it was more because of the new roof and bathroom at the property than my tenancy.

It’s in the landlords interest to make regular checks to satisfy the insurance in case of a claim.

Never had any of my (only two) landlords/letting agents visit after moving in/before moving out.

If I wanted to trash the apartments it would obviosly be too late anyway so as long as my rent is paid they probably have other things to worry about.

Generally it’s related to the type of property you’re living in. A high-end agent managed property will almost certainly have frequent inspections because they have the resources to do so as they charge the landlord accordingly – who is often a true investor, not an accidental landlord, so they expect that level of service. A low-end property is much less likely to have inspections, if a landlord is paying 8% on £750/month the agent has £60 vs. 15% on £3000 the agent has £450.

From a tenants perspective frequent inspections are a pretty good thing because they speak to the level of service the agent is offering, frequent inspections are a strong indicator of an agent that is invested in properly managing the tenancy and will take ownership of any issues, whereas a lack of inspections is an indicator that they’re looking to minimise costs (potentially at the landlord and tenant’s expense when issues do arise).

Thanks for the input guys, appreciate it.

Was at my old place for two years, and every month or so they’d be showing people round because they wanted to sell it, however there was no “inspections” as such. Wasn’t very comfortable having people look around my home like it was some sort of shop !

When I rented from private landlors - few times a year, sometimes scheduled by me just to have a chat etc. I’m moving in to new place in London in two weeks also privately and meeting the landlord before move in date just to get to know each other :smiley:

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I’ve had some landlords/agents who have visited once a year, some never did and just did an inspection before handing the place back. Some landlords seem to like to be more involved than others.

@Venomx For future reference you have a right to “quiet enjoyment”. At a minimum you should be given 24 hours notice that they would like to enter the property however you have the right to refuse (because of quiet enjoyment), the only circumstance in which a landlord can require entry is in an emergency – notice isn’t required for an emergency. An agent visiting every month for viewings is unreasonable, it is only reasonable to expect viewings at the end of a tenancy, so if it happens again: refuse.

The key to remember is that when you have a tenancy the property is in your possession, by entering into a tenancy the landlord hands over possession to you and therefore you have ultimate control over (and responsibility for) whoever enters the property. There are some landlords (especially accidental landlords) who don’t understand this and behave inappropriately but tenants have the law on their side. The home is yours and landlords must respect that.


We had three visits in a year when we rented.

I asked why the frequency the last time they visited and it turns out their previous tenant chopped out the staircase in an attempt to create a lift up staircase that they could create a weed farm that would be hidden underneath.

However, after chopping out the original staircase they decided against carrying on with this masterpiece of a plan and just use ladders to get up and downstairs. The neighbours (in their eighties), reported odd sounds coming through the walls hence the visit.

They also had two kids.

I understood their rationale immediately.


My last place: never. (5 years)
My current place: once a year (been here 4 years)

I get an email saying they are going to visit about every 6 months, but I’ve never had any communication following up on any of the visits, and they entirely failed to turn up to at least one of the times they said they were going to (I was working from home, and was therefore home all day)
If I were being fussy, I would get a smart camera or something to see what they do, but ultimately, it’s on them and the landlord if they don’t do enough visits to satisfy the landlord’s insurance


Do you mean Assurance, Reassurance or Insurance ?