Getting Locks Changed?

I moved into my new place at the beginning of the year and concerned/paranoid that the previous tenants might still have a key for the property, is it likely the estate agent/landlord would have got the locks changed before I moved in ?

Very unlikely in my experience.

What makes you worry about it?

You can change them if you want to, make sure you give your landlord/agency copies of the new keys though as they’ll usually want these for emergencies. (I don’t think you legally have to, as they cant enter without permission, but I’m not a lawyer - probably safest to get them copies just so everyones happy.)

I think that’s unlikely, but it could be dependent on where you live and how often people move in and out of that place.

Recovering from Paranoid Schizophrenia i get worried about leaving the flat on its own.
Been here for 7 months though with no problems.

You might wanna ask this question from your landlord/ estate agent . I’m a worrier myself, so it’s always good to have the peace of mind and ask instead of being worried about these things.

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It it’s of benefit to your mental health, worth doing then - but speak to your agency first to see if it’s ever been done.

Did a quick search online and there’s not a lot of clear advice on whether it’s okay but this website says

In principal a tenant can change the locks in a property unless the tenancy agreement prohibits this. A tenant is essentially in full control of the property throughout the tenancy and so they are allowed to treat the property as their own subject to the restrictions in the agreement itself.

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If it counts for anything the ex-tenants are quite friendly ( been round to drop off their post ) and fairly well off

I do have contents insurance so there’s no need to worry I hope.


Firstly I would ask the landlord if they are ok with you changing the locks, but at least inform them as if it’s a new tenancy you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot but if you did they would’nt know until the end anyway and only then if there’s a dispute and they have to gain access.

I changed the locks on my property as soon as I got it for the same reason and to be honest, for what it’ll costs in Screwfix or Amazon and the time it takes (assuming they are pvc doors) then I would just do it, and then there’s no worries at all.

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Just buy a new barrel then swap it out when you leave simple as that.

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I used to work for an estate agents.
The locks were never changed by us but we did have a few tenants that did it for their own peace of mind - as others have said. Just drop a copy of the key in to the letting agent or landlord and no issues.