How Often Landlord/Estate Agent Visits?


insurance - the Landlord’s building insurance often requires the regular inspections as a requirement to be covered - so that if there are problems with things like mould or subsidence etc they can be caught and dealt with before they threaten the fabric of the building

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Ok thanks :slight_smile:
Is that the same thing for contents insurance ?


for your contents insurance it probably doesn’t matter, but obviously read the Ts and Cs to be sure.
It may be for the landlord’s contents insurance, if they have that, but usually the Landlord won’t insure the things they provide in the property because they expect to be able to recoup any damage to their property using the deposit, and subsequently charging you for any other damage not covered by the deposit. Check the Ts and Cs of your insurance to see if they would cover something like this, but I think a tenant’s contents insurance would not cover this

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Received my tenancy agreement last week. Didn’t say how often the inspections will be. But I supose if i look after the place and there’s no complaints I should be ok.

Landlords based miles away, so guessing the estate agent could come round. No problemo :smiley:


In my first year at my current flat, I got a visit every three month. They were nice about it, though - it was more to make sure I was settled in nicely. They didn’t seem intrusive and ask to look around in every single room, which was nice.

Now that the first year has passed, they don’t do any routine checks unless I specifically request them to. I’ve been pretty lucky, since I’ve heard some nightmare stories about renting in the past!

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My flat in Wolverhampton back in uni had scheduled inspections every 6 months. My current flat I’ve lived in for 2 years has never had an inspection by a letting agent or landlord as both of them are 204 miles away :rofl: