Tenancy Question

Hi guys.
Just looked at my keyring given to me by my estate agent and it says
" This key is released to enable you to view the premises and for no other purpose. Its release does not imply any right to take occupation or to carry out any work to the property. Keys must be returned on the day of release unless otherwise agreed "

Can someone translate what that actually means ?

They had a key for viewings and they’ve just let you keep it. You’re all signed now so it’s good


It’s a secret code.
You must give it to the sky installation man to help him silence the howling dog.


I had an electrician visit the property I’ve just bought. The estate agents didn’t want to show him around, so gave him a key to get in himself. I guess it is for this occasion, when estate agents cannot/don’t want to show people around. They either gave you the their spare key, or the key doesn’t matter anymore so you got it.

They gave me two sets of keys. One of which has that message on, and the other one doesn’t.

Don’t worry about it, your tenancy agreement trumps words on a key.


Cool. thanks guys :slight_smile:

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Ask them?

It’s basically so someone can’t let themselves in with a key and start squatting

For legal reasons, if they catch you squatting etc you wont be able to use the key as proof that you were given permission to use the property.

Unless you remove the keyring…


You found the one flaw in their cunning plan


Or go and get another key cut…