Electrical Safety Inspections?

Renting a property which i’ve been at for one year now and received a letter from " gas-elec" stating they will carry out an electrical safety inspection on a given date, due to instruction from my landlord/block management.

It also says " Appliances owned by the tenant are not required to be tested" etc etc

So is this company legit, and what will happen at the inspection ??


By the way I have tried to contact landlord etc but are all closed today hence my question

They’re legit, as you’ll have seen by Googling them. Plenty of feedback on them.

Go explore…


Landlords are responsible if their faulty appliances or electrics kill you (or otherwise cause harm, of course).

This is just them being a good landlord and keeping on top of it. That being said, check their ID badge to make sure the person who turns up is legit. Would’ve been better if the landlord told you before the scheduled appointment so you knew to expect someone and know it’s not someone trying to burgle you.


OK I’ll contact the landord on Monday to confirm it was them who booked it in.

Website seems legit as Graham said

I always find shoving a screwdriver into a live plug socket is a faster and easier way of testing my electrics. Saves time and money as well.


Weird thing is it says as instructed by West Bromwich homes, which isn’t my landlord’s company

It might be the main company that your letting agency is part of

Give them a call on Monday just to reassure yourself


And get @anon72173902 around to check the electrics. Trust him - he just sounds kinda trustworthy…


I’m top ranked on Checkatrade and trustatrader so what I say is pretty much the truth :sunglasses: :eyes:

Don’t like the idea of someone snooping round my flat but if it’s necessary I’ll have to

…and presumably ‘Flat-snooper.com:smirk:

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They’ll hardly be snooping. As a landlord they have certain legal obligations to do safety checks, as a tenant you have an obligation to let them do this, it will be in your tenancy agreement, it is worth reading what you signed

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They are carrying out a safety inspection :man_shrugging:

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Ok landlord said it is genuine and will confirm on monday when the relevant department is open

Checked my fusebox and it was last " serviced " by the same company back in 2017, so should be ok

Sounds like a 1970’s VHS movie containing some rather adult content :eyes:

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I’ve got a grubby Betamax copy…

…and I mean grubby :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Too far dude toooo far :face_with_monocle:

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Well, not grubby in that sense :scream:

(I’ll get my coat :worried:)

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Had the inspection today, friendly bloke and all OK. Was only here for 5 mins