How much of my free ATM withdrawal (foreign) is left?


according to

If you can’t remember that, don’t worry. We’ll make sure you can always see how much of your free allowance is left

But, I can’t see, anywhere that I can find. My last ATM withdrawal does not contain any relevant info nor does the “spending and top-up limits” screen in the app.

pre-paid card.


You don’t see this?

You might want to contact support in app…



No, under ATM widthrawals I have:

-Daily withdrawal limit
-Rolling 30 days limit
-Annual withdrawal limit

app version 1.19.1 (android)

(Allie) #4

Very weird, I’m on Android and see the screen @Liam_W showed, exactly. 1.20.0.


pre-paid app? i think the current account has a diff app?


It might be a thing to do with the prepaid card… @Adam193 I can only suggest asking in a support chat, or waiting for a member of Monzo staff to come around here.

(Allie) #7

Ah, yeah, that’s probably it. I think it’s the same app, but data might be different. There’s an easy fix - upgrade your account now, you should have your current account card on Saturday :slight_smile:


I’m in Peru, so Saturday is a little optimistic haha. upgrade is in process; good to know it works for the current account. Thanks

(Allie) #9

Probably a bit, LOL.