Contradictory information about ATM fees

Issue: My limits page (Accounts > limits) contains text indicating I can only withdraw up to £200 fee free every 30 days (screenshot 1). However my fees & allowances page says I have unlimited free free ATM withdrawals in UK and EEA (screenshot 2).

The information in the two locations is contradictory. The info I see in the fees & allowances page is what I expect (based on email I received about fee changes), so the text on the limits page needs reworking or removal to avoid confusion.

Details to reproduce: N/A
Device: iPhone SE 2020
App Version: 3.61.0

Screenshot 1 (limits page)

Screenshot 2 (fees and allowances page)

My contradictory advice is different

And number 2

Screenshot 1 indicates there limits in the total amount you can withdraw. The 2nd screenshot is the one that shows what you have remaining before you get charged.

The wording in the first screenshot should ditch the % references, and link through to the ATM Fees section.

But hopefully with screenshot 2 you can see what the fees are pretty clearly.

The fees page itself is clear* but if Monzo provides contradictory information elsewhere you can never be entirely confident which source is correct.

*Although isn’t obvious that each of fee items are tapable links, but that’s another matter

This really does feel contradictory. I am clearly told by the app the same as screenshot(s) #1 above.

It is clearly stating that withdrawal exceeding £400 in 30 days will lead to a charge, whereas my ATM page advises “unlimited”. seems to explain the disparity being due to the fact someone who pays a direct debit, or deposits over £500 has “increased limits”.

But if I am relying on the app, I have contradicting advice.

I am still, despite reading all of the above, a bit unsure. A tweak is needed to the app to simplify the advice, so that you only reference the ATM allowances page in order to understand your current (personal) position. I’d suggest the reference to it being split current/joint account should have prominence too.