How much does HSBC charge for transfer to Monzo account?

Hey guys,
I was wondering if anybody knows how much does HSBC charge for a transfer to Monzo account.

Thank you!

Where have you read this?

Why would one bank charge to transfer to another? :confused:

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Approximately £0.00!

You don’t get charged for bank transfers :+1:t2:


We have it very lucky in the UK. So many other countries charge a lot for local transfers and even more to receive from overseas.

Unless it’s coming from a business account, or being sent by CHAPs or some sort of International payment I don’t understand why there would be a fee? BAC’s or Faster Payment are always free for personal individuals.

Which HSBC?
And as everyone else said, how is it being transferred.

You can try sending it , it will show if there’s a fee before sending.

Also note that HSBC are known to delay transfers to new payees especially if the amount is significant, so be aware that there could be a delay.

Regarding limits (not charges for transfers, which should be £0.00 for UK-to-UK-banks);

It depends on your specific HSBC (UK) account type, but generally the following money transfer (UK-HSBC-to-UK-bank) scenarios have the following limits when using HSBC;

  • Bill payments (sending money to other accounts) = £10,000 per beneficiary per account per day
  • Pay by bank app (sending money to other accounts) = £10,000 per beneficiary per account per day
  • Major beneficiary = £10,000 per beneficiary per account per day
  • Friends, family and other payments = £10,000 per account per day
  • Payments using Paym = £250 per day unless you are 16-17 in which case it is £100 per day unless a lower limit has been set for you

If none of the above cover your situation, please call HSBC to see what free transfer limits you have; 03457 404 404

Thank you, guys! Super helpful! I appreciate all of your comments! Many thanks!
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Nothing at all. I do it a few times each month.