I have some question?

(john) #1


(Jack) #2

Hi John,

Not sure I understand the question, are you able to clarify with an example :slight_smile: ?


What do you mean by shopping money?

(Daz Fisher) #4

Think he might mean shipping :joy:

(Lancelot Payne) #5

Not quite sure what you’re trying to say here possibly a typo in the question so I if you could explain a bit more in detail sure someone here can help you out.


Hi John - Love your films - Looking forward to the 3rd one.

As for bank transfers - All UK to UK transfers are completely free. So you can transfer from your existing UK account, to Monzo, and not pay any fees.

If that wasn’t the question - Let us all know :slight_smile:


If you’re asking if it costs to transfer money to your Monzo account by UK bank transfer then generally no, but consult your bank for a list of their fees

(l8n.me) #8

My guess was this but whether it was a faster payment so there would be money for today’s shopping?

This is like a quiz!


I think he might be asking if there are any charges - @johnwicky if you are asking what I think, there are no charges if you are transferring funds from another UK bank account. Monzo does not support incoming payments from abroad, yet.


“Monzo Shopping” coming soon…