How much do you pay for your broadband?

(Brandon Billingham) #21

£20 40/10 Now TV Broadband


@HoddzDJ The whole line rental is such a rip off. I find it kind of funny as new landlines don’t exist anymore in many countries. In Canada, if you get a home phone at a new address, you get a box which you plug a landline phone into but the box is literally just using the 4G/3G network in the area. I don’t know anyone who has one though as its kind of pointless, when you can just your mobile phone.

(Frank) #23

76mb unlimited for £30 with EE. also gives me an extra 5mb on my mobile contract

(Sacha) #24

£28 a month for 50mb Virgin. Not the best deal but when I threatened to leave they called my bluff and as I can’t get ADSL in my current place it has to do for now.

(Dan) #25

Last time I negotiated with Virgin, they said it’s cheaper to have a package deal than not. Guess I’m in a stronger negotiating position for next time now!


Don’t negotiate. Just leave and wait for them to call you. After the price increase I cancelled virgin, got a Now tv broadband contract because there was a good cashback offer through quidco. About a week later, virgin called and asked why I was leaving. They gave me 100mb for £22 for 18 months on a 12 month contract and £50 account credit. Too many people call up saying they are going to cancel just to get a better deal, you need to show you are serious.

(Dan) #27

I was one step away from cancelling last time!

OT slightly, I hate NowTV :eyes: major content provider not to offer subtitles for deaf/hard of hearing as standard.


Really? I’m surprised by that. We’ve been a customer since they took over NTL so whenever we threaten to leave they always either cut our bill or give us a speed increase for free. Might be due to length of service, or we get lucky with the cancellation department

(Ben Talbot) #29

£25pm for 150Mbps symmetrical (up and down) with Hyperoptic, because I’m a lucky boy and live in one of those rare new-builds that they support :smiley:

(Brandon Billingham) #30

They have subtitles on the majority of their movies and more and more TV Shows now.

Better than the BBC still not having subtitles on Apple TV


£30/month on Plusnet including line rental.

70 down, 18 up. Just tested it.

(Dan) #32

True, but at least BBC have subtitles via other platforms on all, if not, most of their content.

I think the time taken for NowTV to catch up is too long. It’s unlikely I’ll ever support their business model. Netflix wins hands down, offering subtitles on EVERYthing, including trailers. Truly gobsmacked at their level of inclusion.

Anyway, back on topic. I’m paying £35 a month for 100mb on Virgin with basic tv (TIVO is really good imo) and telephone even though I don’t have a landline phone.

(Caspar) #33

I’m moving in 2 weeks and Sky have a great offer, their top fibre speed for £27 a month which includes line rental. I’ve used Sky before and was pretty happy with them overall. BT also have a deal on at the moment, a cheaper rate plus a pre-paid MasterCard with up to £100 (depending on your package) though Sky worked out cheaper so I’m going to go with them.

(Rob Crawford) #34

I’m on the same but for £24pm, must have used a slightly different discount code.

(Ben Talbot) #35

Ya, I got landline for £1pm more

(Marc Labuhn) #36

£35/month with Zen for FTTP, 150mbps downstream, 30mbps up, no limits, no throttling, fixed IP address and full IPv6 support.

What’s particularly nice is that we always get the full advertised speed, in over a year the connection has never slowed down or dropped.

(Richard Bairwell) #37

We’re on’s Unlimited Hybrid Fibre & Phone’: whilst it uses the physical BT Openreach line like many, it also offers a static IPv4 address (needed for me for working from home purposes), IPv6 address (for the modern internet), unlimited usage and unfiltered internet access (the company I work for offers website quality control software and sometimes I need to run tests over ‘18+’ sites). That’s costing me £49/per month for line rental, broadband and basic phone (no bundled calls) - speeds are advertised as 76Mbps/16Mpbs

independent monitoring by Samknows shows generic ‘to/from the actual internet’ speeds of 67.8Mbps download/13.7Mpbs upload.

The BT broadband checker at shows the ‘physical maximum’ of VDSL (i.e. fiber to the cabinet: what BT Retail call ‘Infinity’) of 73.2Mbps/20Mbps - so quite near the maximum (just before Christmas they observed 71.87Mbps/15.62Mbps as the maximum ever achieved) - but that is the maximum speed from ‘my home’ to the BT Openreach ‘exchange’ where they would the ‘hand over’ the connection to Aquiss/Entanet/Zen/Sky etc etc.

We’ve been with Aquiss for about 4 years now and are reasonably happy with them - a couple of small (< 30 minute) outages have been recorded (my line is monitored by myself, Samknows and : so any outages are known about) and at least one of those was due to a fault in the local cabinet.

(Splodf) #38

Same :wink:


While I’m getting screwed on the price, I can at least saying I’m getting a decent speed at my new house in Canada :open_mouth:

(Splodf) #40

That’s nice!

What does that equate to in cost if you don’t mind me asking?