How long will my money stay with NatWest

My transfer from Chinese bank via citibank, has stayed in NatWest for THREE DAYS already, but no response at all. Could you tell the status?

The vast majority of people in this forum are customers and won’t be able to answer your query. You would be best contacting customer support within the app.
You can do this by going to the help section and searching “contact support”

Looking within the help section on the app: A bank transfer I’m expecting hasn’t arrived

Although bank transfers typically arrive in seconds, they can take up to a whole day.

If you haven’t received your payment after 1 working day, we recommend getting in touch with the sending bank. Other banks often run additional checks on payments before they send them. Once we receive the payment, it’ll be applied to your account instantly.

If you’re able to contact the other bank, please ask for the 18-digit TRN (transaction reference number).

Customer support may check that you have this first.


A transfer from Citi in China to Monzo in the UK?

Most likely - it will be returned to Citi.

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Thanks a lot

Monzo don’t support international transfers (although they may work sometimes).

The impact of this is that if they don’t work, Monzo have no means of finding out anything about what’s going on or where the money is. Hopefully it will either turn up in the designated Monzo account otherwise, it should be returned to the original source. There is no way to know.

In future I would recommend performing international financial transfers via a third party service such as Transferwise or to a different bank.