How important is signature?

I very rarely have to use my signature and I can never make them the same every time. Have some forms to fill in and concerned it doesn’t look identical to when I’ve done it before

It will massively depend on what it is.

If you’re filling in a form to give to work that you’re saying you received a piece of equipment, then I wouldn’t worry that it doesn’t match.

If you’re applying for a passport it’s probably a bit more serious.

Mine never matches anything and wouldn’t match if I did two in a row now. I wouldn’t worry about it.


How important is signature?


Pretty laughable that it is even a thing in the financial sphere in 2020, especially now it is really wrapped up in voting for elections (it is going to be a big scandal next week)

I’ve never made them look the same either.

When I bought my first house, I got some things returned because the signature didn’t match my passport, but it was totally different (I’d forgotten I’d changed it). I resigned it with something that slightly resembled my passport and it was fine.

I haven’t signed the back of a card for years. Even when I have to sign a receipt this isn’t a problem as no one ever checks

I remember years and years ago one consumer program did an “investigation” where they used a card and then signed the slip as all sorts of names, famous people, Harry Potter etc etc. Nobody checked any of them.

I was always anxious over this moving into adulthood. What are the rules? Does it have to be representative of your name? Does it have to be full name? Does it have to be identical each and every time or just close enough? Can you change it later? What happens if you change it? But my penmanship is atrocious!

As it turned out, most of the answers tended to be matters of opinion, but people would often tout them as the factual correct way it must be done, and when those conflicted I was never certain of what to do, and even to this day, I despise signing for things. As a child looking at others, even as a teenager, it just looked like scribbles to me that vaguely resembled their first and last initials. So that’s all I do. You can clearly make out the N and the T but the rest is just squiggles. Never looks the same, and no one cares.

My solution? My mac had this signature feature that allowed you to create one and save it with the track pad, that could just be added into any document whenever I needed it. Problems arise when companies don’t know how to flatten markups though.

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