How does the new “Plus” compare to the old one?

That’s the whole point of a lot of university “research”, certainly at undergrad level. Teaching you how to use the available search tools most effectively to locate information. Putting words into a search bar no longer does it sadly in the days of AI-written SEO-focussed websites clogging up everything.

And Discourse search is weak, too. Searching for “WWDC 2033” gave me all the previous topics before the actual one came up the other day!


I have to defend people here - the search function is awful, and credit to anyone who uses it well. There is often so much that isn’t relevant before the actual thread that I’m looking for, even with exact searches.

I suspect often with regulars is that we know there is a thread and we scroll until we find it. We know it’s there. It’ll unlikely be the first result but we scroll because we know.

A new user? No idea. How would they know? If I was a brand new person and I typed an exact search and it didn’t show a result in the first couple of threads I would assume it hasn’t been created. After all, search on websites in 2023 is usually fairly accurate.

So I almost never use the search. If I do, I scroll for some time because I know the thread exists somewhere.

It is why I have great sympathy for new people posting things that already exist. And I think sometimes responses are harsh, because it’s from those who already know a thread exist so can pick it out easier.


It sometimes takes me ages to find posts that I know exist.

I know that some folk find multiple topics irritating. We used to merge them, but then we collectively decided against that. I do think, though, that multiple topics can be helpful in sending a message to Monzo: if there are hundreds on “omg where’s the chat” - or, on topic, that Plus is a bit rubbish - then it shows the weight of feeling.


Actually, same. Even my own posts.

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Monzo Plus is really poor. I’ve decided to try it again however I won’t be keeping it more than the minimum term. It feels very lazy. The old Plus was better in my opinion.

What, the version with stickers?


Ah, the memories.

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.


What did you like in the old Plus that isn’t in the new one?

I found my plus t-shirt & pin badge the other day, during my big clean out! :smiley:

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Still have mine too - I think. I know where the t-shirt is, but the pin could be anywhere!

I’ve still got my pin and 2 t-shirts.

I gave away all my stickers on here ages ago

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I never received my swag. Rip Off Britain :joy:


Ah the memories.

£3 a month for some nice stickers and a crappy quality card. Then it all got canned and it got a little edgy.

FWIW new plus is decent but needs a refresh. Hopefully it will get one.

@davidwalton thanks for the memories. I sort of miss those days of Monzo. But I can understand why it can’t stay there either.


It was a wild ride for sure. Poorly written terms led to confusion, and then just lies on this forum, from the Monzo product designers about what the offers actually were.

Peak Kool–Aid moment where those working in the bank were most submerged in Monzo’s weird bubble of fantasy and ‘transparent excitement’ whilst the bank, we now know, had very little grip on money laundering and route to profitability.

Thank god all of the leadership changed.