Pay off all flex in one go

I’d like to be able to hit one button that clears my flex account to zero.

Right now i need to go into each transaction individually and pay it off. I have like 20+ of these to do, which is a lot of time pressing the screen

I agree with this - I did this recently & it was a cumbersome process.

20+? Blimey.

Is that on daily spends stuff opposed to credit worthy purchases?

(Solely opinionated, if you want to flex bread you flex bread)


I’m also intrigued by the amount in case I’m missing a trick on things I should be flexing instead of paying in one lump.

I had a night out with friends so paid for meal for two, drinks in various venues, a taxi ride and a Deliveroo the next morning (it was needed!). I flexed all these so that my money lasted to the end of the month without the big spend having to be a worry.


Yes did this morning but if a pain with flex. Would also be good if you could pay the next flex payment early.

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As I split over 3 months, something unexpected came up in 2 consecutive months so had to flex retrospectively more than I had hoped (normally I would use my credit card). Then when latest pay day came around I wanted to clear everything off (ie. the original flexes + the next 2 months) or whatever. So, yea.

It’s quite easy if you flex just 5 things a month, by the time you get to the third instalment you’re at 15 items!


I was gunna hit my overdraft that charges interest. Putting a number of historical transactions on flex for three months is interest free so it freed up cash to avoid overdraft. I knew i was getting paid soon and could easily pay off the flex bill. Saved my self some pennies I guess but maybe not worth all the clicks and PIN entries to pay each off one by one.

Even if you have 5 transactions, still be nice to just pay off all at once as an option if you got a bonus lets say and wanted to clear your debt.

Each time you go to pay off a single transaction you have to type in the amount. Be good here to also have the option to hit “max” or “all” rather than have to type £123.45.

Nice to have improvements, admittedly, but always keen to make monzo better with marginal gain improvements


ps - i’d rather use flex than credit card cos then its all within monzo. I like that with flex i can retro add things to the “credit card”. But what a credit card has is the ability to easily pay it all off and that’s currently a bit cumbersome and time consuming in Flex

I’d like to just enter an amount to pay towards flex and it automatically pay off the ones best suited to be paid off early etc across them all.

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