How do I turn off these particular notifications?

I get one of these every week

I have “Weekly spending report” switched off in the Spending tab of Trends, and that’s the only relevant-looking toggle I can find. Am I missing something?

You’re not missing anything. That’s the option to turn those off. If you’re still getting them, that’s a bug.

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I got one of those today.

I don’t use trends. The option to receive these was turned on when I looked, but this is the first notification I’ve received about this for many, many months.

Maybe the app updated recently and the toggle got switched to on?

I’ve been getting them for weeks. The toggle is definitely off for me.

Looks like I’m contacting support. Wish me luck.


Log out of the app, delete and reinstall ( as a more general way to attempt to fix it)

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IF INSTRUCT = “delete and reinstall” THEN INSTRUCT = “delete, RESTART DEVICE and reinstall”


The notifications have persisted on to a new phone that was set up as new.

I got the same notification yesterday in the same fashion as @Anarchist informed 5 posts above.

Is this just a bugged feature then? I’ve always received those notifications like clockwork.

You dont really have to reboot on iphone, I thought it was an iOS notification screen.

That is quirky, so possibly a server side issue.