Trends - Weekly Spending Report Toggle

I’ve just come across something whilst scrolling through Trends.

When I click on the ‘Weekly spending report’ item (as below), I get taken to a screen asking me whether I’d like a notification each week.
When I click ‘Yes please’ it refreshes for a second and then takes me straight back to where I was in Trends.

No acknowledgment of whether this action has completed or not.

I wonder whether this is something that someone could look into maybe? Not a bug as such just a small improvement which could be made!

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I think this is a bug, I can’t quite remember but I’m sure it should (on the loading screen screenshot) instead show that you’ll get them.

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I’ve never clicked it before I don’t think.
It did seem very un-Monzo for there to be nothing!

Don’t think it’s ever worked for me.