Summary Notifications

I think this would complement the existing Summary feature nicely if they were delivered at the end of each week/month.

Inspired and illustrated by Revolut:


You get a spending report notification in the feed, wouldn’t want a push notification as well


Simple solution: it could be made optional as a notification.

So you need a notification toggle and a different toggle for the summary notification?

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Not sure why it’d need two different toggles. Just one to make it opt-in for those who would like it and opt-out for those that won’t.

Because I want notifications so that’s already a toggle on
I don’t want my entire monthly spending report on my lock screen so that’s a toggle I’d need to turn off

It’s toggles all the way down

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Then so be it, toggles all the way down. It’s not a big deal really… it’s something you toggle off/on once and it’ll never cross your mind again or impact your normal experience.

Literally tucked away in the setting an additional toggle for this would be fine:

Emma has this, for example

Set once and forget


(Wo)Man can have too many toggles.