How do I get account number and sort code

how do I get account number and sort code? how do I get an overdraft, a loan and how to contact support?
getting issues today.

Have you downloaded the app, signed up and received your card? If yes then tap ‘current account’ at the top of your feed to see your account number

After using the account for a while you might be eligible for an overdraft and loan

You contact support by going to the help section of the app and searching for ‘contact us’


If on Android tap the account button

(Ours isn’t called current account and doesn’t work like iOS)


It’s called current account on my :android: Either tap or drag down. It used to show it directly but you now have to tap Account underneath your card after it slides down.

I think it is called Current account if you don’t have a joint account and ‘Personal Account’ if you do have a joint account

(I assume the same is true to business account)

Not sure if the same is true on ios


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