Current Account - Sort Code

(MacAlloa) #1

Just received new current account debit card, with a revised 16 digit number to replace original prepaid card version - how do I find out my account number and sort code ?

I expect the SC is still 20-59-42 ?

However, the previous account number 13219585 is presumably a generic one only ?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

go to “card” screen - top of screen gives sort code which is 04-00- 04 and account number - on I phone imagine same on funny phone :slight_smile:

(Jason williams) #3

If you activate the card

And go into the app under account at the top of the screen is your account number and sort code. The sort code for the current account is 04-00-04 as the current account is completely separate to the pre paid account

(MacAlloa) #4

Got it, thanks.

Much obliged.