How can I help?

My brother works on cruise ships with people of lots of nationalities and one of his friends is from the Philippines. The friend’s baby daughter needs a liver transplant and they are trying to raise $12k to pay for it as there’s no equivalent of the NHS there. To make matters worse, the father is having to work away at sea whilst his daughter is so poorly.

I find this heart-breaking, so, like my brother, I’ve shared the link with my Facebook friends. Like most people, some friends are close, others less so, I thought a few might donate even a small amount, but not one has. I had loads of comments about a post I shared to do with changing jobs, but not one about helping this little girl. Not a like, not a share. I just don’t know how to help and I can’t sleep for worrying. Any ideas please?

How about doing a sponsored something-or-other? You could do a sponsored run or a skydive etc. This way people feel like they’re sponsoring you to do something, rather than just sending money to someone they might not know.

That’s a good suggestion, thanks, we have been talking about this, it’s just the time it takes to organise and she’s very poorly. I’m mostly just saddened by the complete silence of the people I know, it’s like the post is invisible.

When I used to be on Facebook I’d see these kinds of post fairly frequently.

It’s sometimes difficult to know how genuine it is. When it’s the daughter of a friend of a relative, I’m fairly sure I wouldn’t have contributed. It’s difficult to say without seeing the post, though.

I hope you find a way of raising funds for her.

Unfortunately, nowadays we suffer from a dearth of requests to help people with donations, it’s seemingly never ending. There is always a natural disaster somewhere, or starving children, or even cats needing rehoming. I think people have become blind to it all, and unless it has some relevance to them, it gets lost in the storm of requests. Added to that, there have been so many scams that people are wary to donate to a “new” cause.

I’m equally guilty, and only donate to a couple of charities where I know the money is going to a good cause (and not into a CEO’s salary), and rarely any others (unless it’s a friend doing a sponsored thing, which is the only real exception).