✅ How about a free buffer?

How about a free buffer of say £15 or £20 so that you can go overdrawn within those limits?

There is a free £20 buffer ?

A free £20 buffer

Whether you’ve got an arranged overdraft or not, everyone has a £20 buffer built into their account to cover you if you go a few pounds overdrawn.

We won’t charge you for using it, and if you go more than £20 overdrawn we’ll let you know and give you until midnight to add money and avoid charges.


You have a £20 fee free buffer when you have an overdraft. :slightly_smiling_face:


There is? Well I don’t have this on my account if I reach zero then that’s it!

It’s quoted direct from a page that Monzo published. If you don’t have it something is amiss that we on the forums unfortunately won’t be able to help with :slight_smile:

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Tap on Account and then Loans and overdrafts > then Running empty?

It’ll give the full spiel. Everyone should get £20 by default, but it won’t show anywhere.

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How about you always keep twenty quid in your account?


Just contacting “help” on the app for live chat about this now! Thanks

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I wished lol :wink:

Thanks Phil will try that out :wink:

If you don’t have an overdraft it doesn’t let you use the £20 directly. The £20 is there so you’re not stung by offline/delayed transactions.


What I was about to type…is in the post above.

Any update?

Very few things really will let you go into the £20 buffer. It’s not really an overdraft in the traditional sense.

It’s testament to the fact that Monzo won’t generally allow a payment to go through if you don’t have the funds in the first place.

It’s more for offline transactions that might take time to come through such as TfL payments or maybe payments on airplanes.

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Did l see somewhere on here that Monzo had offered (possibly a trial) that if your salary was showing the day before that they would give an advance.

I like this idea. That’s were offline contactless cards came into their own, the day before payday :laughing:

Yes. Not a trial though just looks like a slow rollout.

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