This £20 buffer thing?

One of my friends who I sent a referral text me asking about a buffer? I didn’t know what he was talking about tbh as I’m new to Monzo as well.
I had a quick lookup on the forum & In assuming this is a service only for customers who have activated an overdraft? But then on the Monza website it states it’s a service for all customers regardless if they have an overdraft or not.
Can anyone clarify at all?
And how does this work exactly.?

Sorry I’ve just done a little more reading and I get what is now …(I’m too quick to press the help button lol)
If for example you use your card for offline payments & it forces you to go slightly overdrawn it’s a kind of free safety net up to £20 & you need to repay before midnight to avoid charges

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You would not be charged 50p after midnight provided that you are within your £20. This is true for customers with and without an overdraft. However, if you don’t have an overdraft, the only way for you to enter that buffer zone is via offline payments, or due to currency fluctuations if you made a foreign currency transaction.

° EDIT: sorry, my post said you would be charged, bit should have said that you wouldn’t.