Home & Contents insurance, need both - any recommendations?

Any ideas on what to look out for or any companies you would recommend?

Find the cheapest quotes, compare terms and coverage for the two lowest quotes and pick one.

Like many, you’ll likely be switching after 1 year anyway, so go with what works for you today.

I’m currently with Swinton (through Close Brothers) and just renewed as the price stayed the same (first time that’s ever happened).

Check for the ability to list any specific large cost items (expensive laptops etc) as that can bump the premium.

Everybody is different and there are too many factors to consider.

As mentioned above, a price comparison site will be best. You can fill out all of your necessities and then filter further by adding/removing stuff until it’s within a price range you’re happy with.

Just like car insurance. What’s cheap for one person won’t necessarily be cheap for another.