HMRC - Confirming identity

I have to verify my identity for an online HMRC service.
In order to do that I need to answer “when did I last open a personal current account”.

The thing is, this answer will differ depending on whether HMRC accunts for my monzo account or not and/or if the latter is a current account.

So, is my Monzo account a currrent one? Does HMRC know of this account?


Monzo is a current account, however, some companies draw answers from a Credit Reference Agency so not sure whether it will be the one HMRC are seeking. Sorry.


Does it state which credit reference agency it is using to confirm? I used Experian’s identity confirmation service for registering with HMRC so I knew Monzo didn’t appear on that credit report so chose the last one I knew on that.

So Monzo didn’t appear as an option in the identity check? Usually multiple choice?

Monzo doesn’t report to Experian so using Experian’s Identity Checker would use Experian’s database (and the passport office) to confirm my identity.


Exactly. So knowing Monzo doesn’t report to them isn’t required as they wouldn’t be presented as an option on the identity check.