Hm... metal card?

(Sean) #42

Soooooooooooooooo? :pray:

(Gareth) #43

Mystery solved?

(Jack) #44

Is it just me or does the card look more like orange in that poster than it really is?

(Richard Cook) #45

You got it! :male_detective:

Wait till you see it IRL. It really pops. (We put extra effort into getting the card the right colour).

(Jack) #46

I’m sure it’s just because of the lighting in the photo :slight_smile:. I’m not London based unfortunately!

(Jonathon) #47

Is it only on certain lines in London?

(Richard Cook) #48

Should be all lines, from Monday :eyes:

(Sean) #49

@cookywook since this all links into the trials Monzo is doing around advertising/incentivising for growth, are you able to share any results once the ad campaign has been running for a little while?