Hm... metal card?

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Soooooooooooooooo? :pray:

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Mystery solved?

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I quite like metal cards. They’re a nice status symbol. I have the black metal card from N26 and that feels really good - they have the design about perfect. I have the Revolut metal card on order. Mostly I want a metal card for a bit of status when I go out for a fancy dinner or something. Much like the suit jacket I put on, or the nice shoes. I think metal cards are a nice choice and people are prepared to pay more for them, but sure, they’re not for everyone.

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That’s a good point. Perhaps to get rid of any elitism associated with them there could be a charge but make the free for people on qualifying benefits. Seems much more inclusive

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Seriously though what kind of benefit entitles you to a free premium metal card? Also, there’s nothing less elite than a card which costs a set amount and is open to everyone as a choice :slight_smile:

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American Express used to be the card for the smug elite. Now everyone can get one.

Once metal cards are commonplace, the smug elite among our number will move on to Badger Pay.

Edit: For the avoidance of doubt, I am NOT saying that anyone who wants a metal card is smug, or considers themselves elite. I AM saying that some people who are smug, or consider themselves to be elite will want a metal card.


People buy iPhones (and other smart phones) because they want the “best” or to feel good for having something that is “nice”.

Even when there are 100’s of other (significantly cheaper) phones that would do the job.

I’d definitely buy a metal card for a one off cost (depending on cost though…), not to feel smug, but simply because I like the look and feel of it (the N26 one is genuinely the nicest debit card I’ve ever held).

There doesn’t even need to be talks over “inclusiveness” of this type of stuff.

Are iPhones not “inclusive” because they are more expensive than most Android phones?

Every bank that offers a metal card, also offers a free normal card - That’s the inclusion.

If people want to spend their own money on buying a metal card (which to some, would be a ridiculous waste, whilst others would happily do so), then that is their prerogative.

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Everything you said is exactly what I think.

On this subject, you are my twin Nick :laughing:


Agree, it’s always nice to have choices.
Personally I’d be happy to pay for a metal card and additional benefits if it’s useful (for example, I particularly like the wework access offered in N26 metal). Amex is also particularly good at rewards and lifestyle benefits - you pay a card fee but it comes with multiple benefits including reward points and redemption, and occasionally exclusive access to events/places.