Hive Heating

I have NEST and love it, but find the learning bit of the thermostat useless. I kept turning the heating on when we didn’t need to, and kept overriding the Eco mode…we have turned it off, but it does keep putting itself back on!

Love using the app and voice control though!

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Have you set your eco temperatures and such in settings?

Nest will keep your house temerature within a certain range so that it can efficiently heat up and cool down.

For example: If you left it off, it would have to blast out loads of heat to get it to a nice temperature instead of maintaining a nice low steady tempeature where it can then get up to a comfortable range with ease and efficiency.

In the first month you need to keep turning the temp up and down so it learns what you like, when you’re in, how the outside light effects the room temp and so on. After this it is all plain sailing and I’ve not had to touch mine since.

I have Nest, the integration with Google Home products (which are now getting rebranded as Nest products) is pretty bad ass.

The new Google Nest Hub Max doubles as a Google Home smart display device, and also as a Nest security camera, so I may pick one of those up at some point.


Yup. Did all this but found it kept overriding my Eco setting etc. It’s not a big thing but annoys my gf!

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If you find any offer lemme know :sweat_smile:

On the Nest?

You can get the Thermostat E for about £100. The build quality isn’t as good as the more expensive one (which runs around £150 I think?) but functionally it’s the same and gets you in the ecosystem.

I got lucky, because Octopus Energy gave me one for £6 a month and free installation a while back.

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Best I could find is £174, free delivery, with a Google Mini at Toolstation. Sell the Mini to save a bit more?

That sounds like a very good deal - definitely got lucky :relaxed:

Also the integration is not an issue for me as i’m already invested in the ‘Alexa’ universe but all the other features definately seem like a win over hive.

Do you have the Nest wired into the wall where an old thermostat used to be or is it free standing. I dont have an old thermostat so ill probably have to go freestanding, are there any disadvantages to this?

Mine’s mounted on the wall. I don’t think it makes much of a difference either way. I rarely control it from the actual thermostat, since I have Google Home devices of various sizes in every room and hallway!

This seems like the best deal going right now, just have to find someone to install it :sweat_smile:

I went freestanding, saves a lot on installation costs too. No disadvantages that I’m aware of other than you need a power lead (USB C I think) and a stand.

Don’t buy one of their overpriced “official” stands - there are exact replicas on eBay for a fraction of the cost :slight_smile: Plus you don’t see the stand because the thermostat sits on top of it anyway :laughing:

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I’ve been thinking about installing Hive. My flat has a wireless thermostat but it’s a dumb one, just with on and off times, I’d like to be able to control it remotely or ask Alexa/Siri to set a temperature etc. I’d always assumed when I moved out I could just wipe my login from it but your question made me look it up and apparently not - you’d have to buy a whole new Hub! That is crazy.

It looks like Nest does let you do a factory reset so new occupants can set it up as new, so I guess I’ll be picking that instead.

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We’ve had it for a few years now and I think it’s really useful, very reliable and the hive app and Alexa control really is good.
The bulbs, sockets and camera is brilliant too.


Hive is having a major outage today. I first noticed it around 06:00 and it’s still down. The app isn’t working and neither is the My Hive Home website. Very little information from Hive other than “we are having technical issues” with no ETA for a resolution.

HomeKit access is still working though, so I can still ask Siri to adjust the temperature…

It was a pain in the backside earlier today. Just goes to show these smart things are great when they work but absolutely useless when there’s an outage.

It still worked fine as a thermostat but I’d have been annoyed if I was away from home and wanted to control it. Hive plugs were ok, too, as I always ask Siri to switch those on and off.