Ability to dismiss overdraft banner at top of feed


I’ve found myself owing £0.01 on my overdraft from early in the month. This has now sat at the top of my feed all month and I’m a bit sick of it. Would be nice to be able to dismiss it and then it only returns when my overdraft liability changes. So if I re-enter my overdraft the banner re-appears but I can then dismiss it again if I wish. And again it re-appears if my charges change again and can be dismissed again.

Or allow me to pay the 0.01 early so it is removed

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Personally I don’t think you should ever be able to dismiss it, people shouldn’t be able to hide it and pretend it doesn’t exist. You can’t have “Oh I forgot I was overdrawn” type complaints because everyone would just hide it and then cause more financial problems.

Paying early is a better solution


This would be beneficial,

But removing it isn’t an option, its there to inform you you’re in debt, and it needs paying back as it’s not your money, alongside transparency of what you need to pay to bring you back into the black.

Isn’t this the ‘we’ll take £0.01 from you at the end of the month’ from you being overdrawn at some point in the past rather than you are £0.01 overdrawn?

It is, but if you could pay that as and when instead it would remove the banner thus solving OP problem. It won’t happen, but the option would be nice.

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I think being able to dismiss it is more likely. It can come back the next day if you’re still overdrawn and the amount changes.

Once I’ve acknowledged the amount it’s as useful as having a banner at the top telling me they’re going to take £15 for premium at the end of the month.


Of course, this is pretty subjective. If I’ve got overdraft charges it’s because I forgot to move money somewhere in time whereas somebody else could be struggling at needs to know they’re incurring more charges.

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