Hide items from Summary & Trends

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I did look around but couldn’t see another thread that was open. EDIT: Actually there was and I agree, grouping transactions would look worse than better.

It would be great if when you select an item to be hidden from Summary, it would also hide from trends.

I understand why it doesn’t and that trends would in theory be “out” but in the case of some shenanigans from Argos recently, I had to go through each one and put it as transfer to get it to hide from Trends. I hadn’t actually spent any money here.

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Now I know you are defiantly a bot :laughing: - I searched for a while and didn’t see one that was still open.

Anyway I actually agree with your point in that post that this would actually make the feed worse and isn’t really needed. So…

I’ve adjusted it to focus on the second point instead

This is all I did! :smiley:

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I went to far in to the specifics (Hide transactions on feed etc) so it never showed.

Now we know what your “secret sauce” in searching is :smiley:

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