Group transactions

I’d like to group transactions together so that they appear as a single item in the app feed, with the ability to view each transaction within the group.

I see two primary use cases for this:

  • I bought an item but returned it for a refund and want to see the net amount paid
  • I split the bill with someone and want to see the amount I paid, not the full amount
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I like the grouping idea. A time i can imagine using this is when i’ve ordered 10 times at a bar (heavy night) and just want it to show the total pub spend for the night


What happens when the transactions don’t happen on the same day? The feed splits by day, so do you put it in the first day? I’m thinking the bar scenario, if you start at 9pm and finish at 2am?

What happens if you are at a bar, buy 3 drinks, then go out and grab a pizza, then return to the bar. Do you create a group for the first batch of drinks and then one for the second?

The feed has to represent the sequence of transactions as they appear, otherwise things will get quite messy.


As mentioned above because they need to be in chronological order perhaps in this situation…

Perhaps instead of grouped transactions, they can be ‘connected transactions’ which you’d have to set manually. Then they can still appear on separate days but you can get an understanding of the relationship between the two.

Although you can do all of this and more with the Google Sheets integration.


The way I envisage it, the group would appear on the date of the most recent transaction, with the net price.

On previous days containing transactions which belong to a group, some text like “1 grouped transaction” would be displayed in small font, showing the price of that specific transaction(s) only when tapped.

On the PDF statement I don’t think groups should be shown.


Understand there will be some rightful constraints and limitations but don’t think this stops a grouping or “connected payments” piece of functionality being useful.

The underlying data incl. the timestamp stays the same. On an official bank statement they would be separate and chronological. The users feed is exactly that - the users feed - and a bit of flexibility and customisability as suggested here is a good idea IMO.


Given how people get confused with their feed, I see zero chance of this happening.

How about paying it from a pot with a virtual card? That will keep things together

Who gets confused and why?

This doesn’t need to be complex. It’s an opt in feature where you select multiple (like selecting multiple emails to delete in outlook or like selecting multiple photos to send on WhatsApp - both extremely commonly used functions) and then hit “group”. Hardly confusing


Stick around and you’ll see some of the questions that get asked on here :sweat_smile: :speak_no_evil:


There’s dozens and dozens and dozens of people who can’t press “log in” instead of “create account”

It’s moot anyway really as this will never happen, Monzo do their best to make the feed simple, this goes against that.

I’m sceptical whenever I hear people select the words “never” (or “always”) - there’s a degree of possibility in almost everything. Few things in life are absolute, most are a continuum.

Unless you’re the CPO?

To extend your logic you could say “there’ll never be a log-in button because people won’t know how to use it” - imagine where Monzo would be then.

Imagine if apple said, “the public will never get how to digital music works” - we wouldn’t have the ipod and I wouldn’t be typing this to you on an iphone.

“Never” is a killer of innovative thinking.

The iPod was innovation. This is not on anywhere near the same scale and will only add confusion. Toggle or not.

Your feed has to be an accurate timeline of your account. Moving things, grouping them and then having the wrong things grouped together is adding a layer of complexity that isn’t needed or wanted by most people.

If you have a list of transactions for the same place on the same day then that’s how you feed should display it, not hidden together for no real purpose other than to tidy things up.

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