Assigning money received to a transaction

Hi, :wave: I was thinking if there was a way of being able to assign money received, to a transaction that had been processed. I understand you can split the bill, but occasionally I will receive the money from whoever before, or they may not want to use the bill split link. Is anyone else having the same happen to them? It would be nice to link the received money to the transaction so it does not affect any type of summary. What do you guys think? I was thinking of a button on the “sent you” to assign to a specific transaction. Or is there another way around this?

As long as you put the money you’ve received in the same category as the thing you bought it will balance out your summary shouldn’t it?

Or is that what you’re saying doesn’t happen?

I don’t think summary does offset the money received but trends does now do this if you assign income to a category


:point_up: this.

It’s a similar problem to the daily spend display. How on earth did we spend £253 yesterday, we only spent £10.25 - The app knows that £243.37 was credited on that day :roll_eyes:
If it is taking it literally about the spending, then it should take it literally about the income too.

Bring on a rolling balance with each transaction and ditch the daily total please :crossed_fingers:


Your Bills Pot image still makes me laugh.


Nice, cheers guys. I’ll make sure its categorised correctly and check trends. It would be great to exclude bills from trends to see day to day spending but I know that’s a whole other kettle of :fish: