Hide Invites on Payment Tab

Is there any chance of being able to hide the invite contacts on the Payments tab when Monzo becomes a Current Account only?

It gives the app a very Social Media feel rather than a banking app and it’s a lot of wasted space on that page.


I’ve got the Current Account and I don’t see an invite screen - where do you see this?

Sorry, it’s on the Payments tab. It has a list of recent payments, then Monzo payments and then a list of all my contacts to invite.

Ah yes, I see where you mean now :slight_smile:

I must admit I don’t visit that tab very often but on the Current Account it has Send via Bank Transfer at the top followed by Recent, then Contacts on Monzo. I then have to scroll down to get to All Contacts where the invites are. So, out of sight, out of mind for me.

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Displaying a list of all your contacts to invite is quite a waste of space. I’d prefer to see this functionality moved to Help section using an Invite or Share button rather than taking up valuable tab and screen space

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