Hidden Loan

A suggestion would be to be able to hide a loan, just like you can hide pots. This mentally for me would help, so each time I’m checking my bank I’m not so focused on the loan.

Hiding debt isn’t a good idea, Flex can’t be hidden either


Its a pain to find the loan as it is.

It comes after all of your connected cards and you cant jump to it by pressing the home tab either.

The only other way is to pull down and scroll through the list and tap it there


I think the loan should not be hidden same as flex due to being debt.


I always forget where it is, that’s after 2 years of accessing monthly to pay it a few days earlier :rofl:

You’d of thought by now I’d remember :person_facepalming:


Haha, I’m the same because I make overpayments every month just to chip away at it quicker :sweat_smile:

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I would never want this - Monzo; by forcing me to look at my actual spending in reality made me really re-think my relationship with money. It was what I needed to stop using my overdraft each month as “extra money” in my head.

Perhaps others might, but I feel it could lead down a very dangerous path


If I’m being honest, if you feel you need help with your mental health from seeing a loan you probably shouldn’t have taken it out in the first place.

Make sure you don’t let financial issues affect you mentally.


… by seeking some help and advice :slight_smile:

Monzo have a vulnerable customers team that I’m sure can help. Ask to speak to them in app.


If you really want to hide it, get a loan elsewhere (probably at a better rate), pay off your Monzo loan and never look at whatever banks app you have the new loan with.

I think it bows down to money transparency like all banks did with overdrafts and so forth, not showing money you can actually spend more just what you actually have.

Same goes the other way of what you owe. All credit cards are visible in the same way, if there’s a balance, it must be paid back.

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Flex can absolutely be hidden.

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No it can’t. You can move it, but not hide it like pots.

You can actually hide it (Android) must be another app parity thing

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Now you see it

Now you don’t

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Not that I’d want to but I never expected that to be a thing!

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Takes it off the carousel thing an all, when you swipe through the rest of your accounts it’s gone.

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Unless you’re on Android and poof it’s gone :joy:

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It has got to be an oversight. I don’t think it’s a good thing