Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later πŸš€

no i have also bought tickets and got friends to pick them up using their card and its worked fine

Some retailers set the card pick up flag to any card by default, the majority of them still require the payment card.

What does the day of the week have to do with anything?

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Weekends have less hours in them

That’s why it’s always a shock that Monday comes around so quick

Well known fact


That’s next weekend, not this one :wink:


From a different thread, intended design or oversight :eyes: can hide Flex account like a pot

I have just noticed it doesn’t let you flex transactions that have flux receipts on them sometimes. That’s strange

You say Flex, I say Flux, Let’s call the whole thing off :musical_note:


What does it say when you try?

The option just doesn’t show on the transaction

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I can also confirm that the Flux receipt doesn’t show when paying at Just Eat with your Flex card. Neither does the β€˜add receipt’ button.


Hopefully someone at monzo sees this

This is a strange one.

I’m unlikely to want to Flex a KFC, but if (LOL) Flux ever expands to bigger retailers where I want to spend more money, this would be a huge annoyance.

I wonder what happens if you pay for a KFC with the Flex card to start with?

You probably won’t get a flux receipt :joy:

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Same as my Just Eat example. No receipt or ability to add one.

If you mean Monzo Flex, then yes it can by the looks of things.

Are we gonna get credit limit increases soon?

Not likely to be in the next month or two, sorry.


Is this because you are prioritising other things or does it just take a while to build? My Β£500 limit is what’s stopping me from using Flex.

End of June release of increased credit limits confirmed :eyes::sweat_smile: