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How can I access my virtual card while I’m waiting on physical car? It won’t leave the page wanting physical cards numbers

I don’t think you can. The physical card is part of their ID checks to make sure you live where you say you live.


The physical card should arrive in a matter of days. If you need it sooner, open an account with Starling as they allow you to use a Virtual card right away - Monzo used to let you do that too, but I am presuming fraud stopped it

Correct, you can’t.

If you have plus @fredrickbrock55 you can create a pot, create a virtual card and then spend from that while waiting for the real card to arrive.

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I am not sure you can. At least when I last signed up I couldn’t do anything with the app until the card arrived. Though maybe that changed.

You used to be able to do this, it’s possible that it has changed.


It did change, probably due to the possibility of fraud


The possibility of fraud doesn’t stop at least one other bank providing a virtual card straight away upon opening: With Starling it is possible to open a bank account in the supermarket and pay using your virtual card at the checkout. If Monzo can’t overcome this it’s Monzo’s problem, no one else’s.

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NatWest Group does it too. So does Chase.


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